President's Message



I’m Brannon Randolph and I serve as the President of the Tennessee Firemen’s Association (TFA). I work for the Chattanooga Fire Department on Engine 9 which serves the East Lake community.  I also volunteer for Mt. Gilead Volunteer Fire Department and the White County Office of Emergency Management.


I’m proud to be President because the Firemen’s Association is an organization of fire service families. As the oldest organized fire association in Tennessee, the purpose of the TFA is to unite with the purpose of benefitting fire service members and their families. TFA also serves as a voice for both volunteer and career departments, as well as individuals.


From the beginning, TFA was organized to create, maintain, and perpetuate a fraternal spirit among its members, develop and implement educational and networking opportunities, and suggest helpful legislation to state leaders. The TFA is a family built upon a foundation of lifting one another up and paving the way for the membership to improve and enhance the services they are called to provide to their respective communities.


My goal is to get more people interested. Get younger people involved to carry this great association forward. Come see what the TFA is about. I encourage you to join and participate in TFA and be a part of the brotherhood like no other.


I serve alongside and with the support of my wife, Eryka. She also serves as the ladies auxiliary president this year. We have two wonderful children; our son Gage is 10 and our daughter Avalei is 9. One of the core values is family comes first. I encourage you to join as a family and as an individual.  


Thank you.

Brannon Randolph

Tennessee Firemen's Association President