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President's Message

Hello, all Tennessee fire service men/women. I’m Jason Driver, your new President of the Tennessee Firemen's Association (TFA). I've been a part of TFA for the last 8-10 years and in the fire service for the past 24 years.  I currently work for the Putnam County Fire Department and serve as the Assistant Chief of the Doyle Volunteer Fire Department. I have been married to my wife, Chadra, for eighteen years and we have three children, Tyler, and twin girls, Abby and Ali. I am proud to say my son Tyler has already started his fire service career as well.

My plans this year will be to bring Training and Firemanship to the top of priorities for the State of Tennessee for FIREFIGHTERS and FIRE OFFICERS. Today, in the United States, firefighters are being injured or killed at close to the same rates that have been in the past twenty years. As far as firefighters go, two major things have changed in the service: 1) Types of materials and building construction, and 2) The number of fires that new and veteran firefighters are working. 

As President, my goal is to promote training and attention to these efforts, from both a firefighter and officer point of view. Having said that, our theme for the coming year is “BACK TO THE BASICS.'' We have already started working on classes that promote this theme for our annual conference next year.  Classes will include Fire and smoke behavior (with live fire and smoke training); Building Construction; and Forcible Entry. We are also expecting to have a fire investigator class as well as a fire inspector class (both with CEU hours).

I look forward to being of service to the TFA and firefighters across the state!


Jason Driver, 
Tennessee Firemen's Association President

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